Friday, November 30, 2012

Simon & Schuster Joins Forces With Author Solutions To Rip Off Writers | David Gaughran

Simon & Schuster Joins Forces With Author Solutions To Rip Off Writers | David Gaughran:

The (self) publishing business is pretty ugly, just like the inventor help business. Let's take 'em for all they've got!

When I read of this press announcement the other day, a flurry of questions flittered through my mind. And now that we have the skinny on it, hope that the warnings raised here by David twitter through cyberspace.

"So crooked they can't sleep in a straight bed." :-)


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Thursday, November 22, 2012

It's Oatmeal vs. Oatmeal in a new trademark suit | Internet & Media - CNET News

It's Oatmeal vs. Oatmeal in a new trademark suit | Internet & Media - CNET News:

Oatmeal (the comic) joins forces with Recycled Greetings to offer up greeting cards... However, there's a real life card company by the name of Oatmeal Studios.

Oatmeal the Studios was less than entertained to find greeting cards by Oatmeal, the comic, from a rival card company. They have have issued a desist notice and filed for trademark infringement.

We'll see who gets served up oatmeal and who gets the last laugh!

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

New Patent Rules: What You Need to Know |

New Patent Rules: What You Need to Know |

As the new US patent rules really kick in, here is a very good overview what's happening in the world of IP by DesMarais.

The US will join the rest of the world to become first-to-file (vs first-to-invent).

Litigation can be hopefully be largely avoided by moving the contesting of the patent clear up the issuing process.

But make no doubt about it, patents and IP will continue to have a dominant role in the competitive advantage of business and the innovation process.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Concrete Tents! Wow. Up in a day.

This is really cool.

Make a concrete Tent, a BIG tent over a few hours time.

Concrete Tent:

It uses a concrete canvas technology. Simply put it in position -- in this case inflate the tent. And then moisten the canvas. Let it dry and you have a hardened shelter. Put sand around it, and you have a hardened bunker.

Pretty cool.

Look at the video with ~1.5m facebook <likes>...

Winner of a whole bunch of innovation awards including a couple awards from insurance companies and:

  • 2011 Most Innovative Product, MIP Expert's Choice
  • 2005 World Changing Idea Award, Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Material Connection's 2011 Material of the Year Award
The video says that it lasts 10 years or more. Seems like painting it would give it a really long life.

Lots and lots of uses. Ditches, Slope/landslide protection, etc.

There is a 2007 patent application on the material/canvas: 20100233417.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Issuu - bbiinternational - Ethanol Producer Magazine ... Biomass... Etc.

Issuu - bbiinternational - Documents:

Check out issues of Ethanol Producer Magazine... And other Biomass, biodiesel, biomass, biofuel rags. (Reading these online is surprising smooth once you get the swing of it.)

Great info in this month's edition of Ethanol Producer. Because of the trade-off between burning our food (corn) and eating it, the use of corn-ethanol as a fuel is critical. It's especially critical during times of drought. It takes a lot of water to grow corn, and it takes a lot of water to process ethanol.

Ethanol is down, corn-based ethanol is down, exports are down, etc.

But what's interesting is the field tests (pun intended) of new corn crops that are more drought tolerant.

If you haven't yet ventured off into this genre of magazines, you will find it very interesting and surprisingly relevant. Relevant, if you drive, if you eat food, if you have interests in the economy. . .

Make no doubt about it, the drought is gonna impact us all in food, fuel and more, for at least the next couple years. What we have just learned this year about droughts will be useful for the rest of the world, too, in seasons to come.

Hang on for the bumpy ride.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Apple-Samsung Case Muddies Future of Innovation -

Apple-Samsung Case Muddies Future of Innovation -

Oh boy, this is gonna get ugly. Especially if you are in the habit of ripping off other companies technology.

Samsung, just got smacked down hard. A $1B verdict is just the beginning. Apple will of course, try to get treble damages for "willful" infringement of Apple's technology. But the $1B is only the beginning. On September 20, the hearing (resumes) related to an injunction of the sales of Samsung's offending products.

One would assume that the new Samsung line (Galaxy) does not infringe, but that too may soon become subject to tighter scrutiny.

Faced with injunctions or licensing Apples technology, that is the issue that will be confronting players in the market, including Google.

The war chests of patents are: Apple; Samsung (kinda); Google (now with Motorola wireless that they seem to have bought primarily for the patent portfolio); and Microsoft (now with a boat load -- $1B worth actually -- of patents from AOL).

Who else is there. RIMM? Palm's technology that went to HP is dwindling fast.

Of course, Samsung is appealing. But it's outlook is not, well, appealing. And this loss in the US, is going to seriously shape the face of the screen in there rest of the world.

Samsung is down 7% in Asian trading on Monday Aug. 27, 2012. Expect Apple to open up big on Hurricane Isaac Monday.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Apple, Samsung, Kodak, imitation... a little more... on the patent war.

Apple, Samsung, Kodak, Imation: Intellectual Property - Businessweek:

Here you go with a huge patent war. Smartphones, iPads and more.

Apple has been trying to injoin Samsung from sales of Galaxy product line. No injunction yet, but Apple is winning so far in the USA. Kinda.

This law suit will be telling.

In the meanwhile the Apple-Samsung war is being fought across the globe. In Germany this week, Apple lost miserably and was ordered to make a public apology. That was belayed yesterday until appeals have been processed. See more about the apology and appeal here.

The smartphone war chests are Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and Google. All those players in the market that don't have to stand back and see the last gladiator(s) standing. It's gonna be ugly for most/all of the other players?

And whatever happened to all the great technology from Palm (HP)? I'm surprised the HP doesn't sell or license it. Blackberry (RIMM)?

Forget about the Olympics, the real contest is in the smartphone arena.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Strategic Business Planning Co's Books and Publications Spotlight

Strategic Business Planning Co's Books and Publications Spotlight:

Here's the Patent Primer as well.
Also check out the e-book versions of the book/booklet.

Perpetual Innovation: A Patent Primer, an Overview of Patenting Issues and Costs Estimates for a Small Entity

Paperback, 25 Pages 
Price: $10.05
Ships in 3-5 business days
This booklet is a overview of intellectual property protection in the US and globally. This is what’s missing from the books on new product development and do-it-yourself patenting. It’s not covered in the business books on product development, marketing and strategic planning. With so much depending on the intellectual property protection of inventors they must have a good understanding of the information presented here to be successful. This booklet is what everyone needs before launching into new product development and invention commercialization. It gives a quick overview of the patenting process. It addresses the timing of various patent-protection maneuvers. There is an example of costs for a small entity/investor to bring an invention to market-readiness with patent protection. This booklet is based on Appendix B of Perpetual Innovation: A Guide to Strategic Planning, Patent Commercialization and Enduring Competitive Advantage (2007) by Hall and Hinkelman.

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Strategic Business Planning Co's Books and Publications Spotlight

Strategic Business Planning Co's Books and Publications Spotlight:

The patent commercialization books by Hall and Hinkelman are available from LuLu Press:

Perpetual Innovation: A Guide to Strategic Planning, Patent Commercialization and Enduring Competitive Advantage

Paperback, 288 Pages 
Price: $49.95
Ships in 3-5 business days
Perpetual Innovation describes the strategic planning process necessary for managers and inventors to bringing protected technologies to market. This book outlines the ways to organize for innovation and how best to commercialize intellectual property (patents) nationally and internationally. Valuation and decision-making methods are presented for assessing the value of technology at early stages and preparing for the best methods of value realization. Key to market success is being first to market, with a superior product and the best possible intellectual property protection. This book focuses on the business side of patent commercialization, those decisions that involve everyone in the organization, not just the patent attorneys and the scientists.

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

AP: Yahoo, Facebook strike patent truce, ad alliance

The Associated Press: Yahoo, Facebook strike patent truce, ad alliance:
"Yahoo's legal assault had exposed Facebook's vulnerability to patent claims as it prepared to complete the biggest initial public offering of stock by an Internet company."

So Facebook had to go out and build its own war chest of patents: 750 here, 650 there. Now the law suit goes away and everybody's making nice.

"Facebook insulated itself by buying 750 patents from IBM Corp. for an undisclosed amount and spending $550 million to acquire another 650 patents that one of its biggest shareholders, Microsoft Corp., had purchased from AOL Inc. Armed with its own arsenal of intellectual property, Facebook signaled that it wasn't backing down and filed its own patent infringement lawsuit against Yahoo in April." That's 1400 patents from IBM and AOL (via MSFT).

For those people who used to think that anyone could duplicate Facebook; that's going to now require some rethinking. Plus, if everyone you know (and a whole lot of "friends" who you don't really know) are on Facebook, there's really no easy way to switch. Unless, of course, you have become tired of your old friends and you wanna start over by looking for new ones:-)

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Friday, June 29, 2012

Innovation: Social Irresponsibility: Energy, cost of carbon

Check out the workings for markets in Carbon...

Cap n trade, tax and trade, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

  • Australia does Carbon Tax and shift.
  • Texas sets up a Carbon Exchange.
  • California has a huge lift in the prices of Carbon allocations (CCA) because of the down time of a nuclear power plant.

Overall, the price per ton of carbon is now at between $8 and $23.

Anything above free, is probably a very good thing for the true costs of energy.

SustainZine: Social Irresponsibility: Energy, cost of carbon

Coming soon to an eBook store near you: Social Responsibility by the 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cree News: Cree and SemiLEDs End Patent Litigation

Cree News: Cree and SemiLEDs End Patent Litigation:

It looks like Cree has won this round. The settlement says that SemiLEDs won't sell in the USA and will pay a one-time infringement settlement. Infringement suit and counter suit are all settled.

This stops the infringed LED imports into the USA. It is unclear how this related to trade around the world.

One would expect Cree to jump a bit in trade, up 6-8% over a couple days. SemiLEDs (Symbol: LEDS) really jumped, up 8% today and about the same the previous day(s), but it is really erratic. Semi is only an $83m company vs. $3B market cap for Cree. Just a little bit different in size.

So, it seems that both company's are happy to have this legal wrangling settled and move on with their businesses.

Want to know more about the patents in question. Visit

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Patent wars: Apple wins injunction against sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab in US | Digital Trends

Patent wars: Apple wins injunction against sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab in US | Digital Trends:

Apple wins the injunction (USA) to stop Samsung from selling the old Galaxy. Picture is perfect, serious arm wrestling going on here in the USA and globally.

This is a Design Patent infringement. It really looks like the iPad. The other ongoing lawsuits are about design patents.

As Google and Microsoft build their arsenal of patents, there will only be room for a few players in this market. Those without big pockets, that are full of money and patents, will never be able to compete.

Buy popcorn and sit back to watch the battles rage and the positioning of the armies.:-)

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

IP Creates Jobs for America | BIOtechNow

IP Creates Jobs for America | BIOtechNow: "In May, the Global Intellectual Property Center (GIPC) was proud to unveil the results of our state intellectual property (IP) jobs research, which has been a year in the making. The study, IP Creates Jobs for America, provides real, tangible evidence that the economic benefits of IP are broad and far-reaching."

Go here for the original GIPC report and the interactive US Map.

Key points related to IP Job creation and value generation:

  • Jobs created: 914k
  • Output: $75B
  • Exports: 75.3%
  • Avg Wage: $44k

Interesting is the number of IP jobs created in some state. Of course, CA, FL, NY, MA and TX. But the Great Lakes area has a LOT of innovation as well.

This is some really great information for those who are IP proponents! (And those who question the value of IP to have more to think about.)

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Msft does more patents for their slate... msPad...

Microsoft has a user interface patent working for their mobile devices (and more) that are related to visual controls. Read about it here ms patent. This is really good for those of us that speak mostly with hand jestures, especially while driving!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Apple vs. Samsung Patent War Fails to Block U.S. Launch of Galaxy S3 - iTech Post

Apple vs. Samsung Patent War Fails to Block U.S. Launch of Galaxy S3 - iTech Post:

The Smart Phone war is just beginning.

With the consolidation from Google (Motorola wireless)...

Microsoft (AOL patents)...

It's gonna be tough for other payers to survive in the Smartphone and ?related? markets.
RIMM (Blackberry) and Nokia are really starting to struggle. I wonder how much of that is patent starvation.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Court Refuses to Hear Case From Apple Mac Clone Maker Psystar - John Paczkowski - News - AllThingsD

Court Refuses to Hear Case From Apple Mac Clone Maker Psystar - John Paczkowski - News - AllThingsD:

This is an interesting what the case being presented is.

"Hackintoch" is a good and descriptive term for them. And, somehow they don't see a problem here with ripping off the Mac OS and more.?

It is a good for intellectual property that this company finally fades away.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

JOBS Act Makes Crowdfunding Accessible for Millennials

JOBS Act Makes Crowdfunding Accessible for Millennials:

Ways to fund have suddenly gotten a whole lot easier.

This way ideas and inventions have many more options available to them for fund raising (and partner development).


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Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Intellectual Property @ IBM

Intellectual Property @ IBM:

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This IBM Blog article talks about US Innovation: alive and well.

IBM blasts it outta the park again in 2011 with the most patents issued by the USPTO. These are organized by the owner of the patents, the "assignee". See the top 50 list at IFIClaims.

IBM had 6,180 patents issued in the US, far more than the next inventor company.

The electronics companies from Japan and Korea were strong in the top 15.

Here are the top US companies. Note that Microsoft is in 6th place with 2,311 patents issued. Quite a change for a company that once relied mostly on copyright for it IP protection. GE at #11 with 1,448 patents. HP dropped to 14 as the company struggles.

The big automakers were generally in the middle of the pack with GM #18 with 1,095 patents. Apple at 39 with 676 patents (but then, not all patents are created equal). DuPont was #50 with 523 patents.

Company Name
International Business Machines Corp
United States
Microsoft Corp
United States
General Electric Co
United States
Hewlett-Packard Development Co L P
United States
Intel Corp
United States
Broadcom Corp
United States
GM Global Technology Operations LLC
United States
Cisco Technology Inc
United States
Micron Technology Inc
United States
Qualcomm Inc
United States
Xerox Corp
United States
Texas Instruments Inc
United States
Honeywell International Inc
United States
AT&T Intellectual Property I L P
United States
Boeing Co The
United States
Apple Inc
United States
Du Pont de Nemours, E I & Co
United States