Monday, October 20, 2014

To Incubate or not to Incubate

Marshall Goodman: Ex-administrator For USF Helping Collier County |

This answers the age-old questions: To Incubate or NOT to incubate?

A: Incubators definitely have advantages for cluster development and rapid business startup.

But, that doesn't assure that it is a great investment for that governments to jump into.

Where do old business incubator guys go when they get old?

A: They go to Collier County, of course. Think Naples and Big Cypress National Preserve.

Here's a longer version of the story by Maria Perez in the Maples Daily News (and

During that time about 2010, we were trying to meet with Goodman to springboard off of the wild success he was having with 3 incubators. No success, for us on a meeting. All three incubators were rumored to be full and hugely successful. In Highlands County, we were aiming to advance the inventions from USF that were better commercialized in the heartland of Florida, not the cities.

Well let's see how far $3.8M goes in Collier county. With an assurance of 10 to 15 companies within 6 months, how can they possibly go wrong?

Can't wait to see where this one goes.

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