Sunday, May 28, 2017

Supreme Court Limits Where Patent Lawsuits Can Be Filed - WSJ

Supreme Court Limits Where Patent Lawsuits Can Be Filed - WSJ:

Yeah. It's a victory. Maybe a big victory, time will tell.

It seems that 20% or more of the patent infringement lawsuits are filed in a small corner of Texas. Even though there's not really anything there except maybe a bogus office. But, it is a very friendly district for winning law suits by non-practicing entities (NPE) against real companies that make stuff. Such patent assertion entities (PAEs) are often ungraciously referred to as "Patent Trolls".

See our prior discussion on patent trolls.

But the US Supreme court has change the rules that funneled frivolous law suits on patents into these bogus home court districts.

As much as it is good to see patents being used, and enforced, there needs to be a balance. Companies have been paying off frivolous patent assertion law suits because it is too time consuming and expensive to fight; especially if the suit would occur in a distant venue that is famously friendly to the trolls that lurk there.

Way to go supreme court.

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