Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Intellectual Property Counterfeiting- more than an Ownership Problem

IP counterfeiting doesn't get alot of press these days and hasn't for decades, but, this article definitely needs reading.  Here is the link:IP Counterfeiting

Yet another in a growing list of situations in which crime appears to pay- or, it is clearly worth the risks involved.
IP owners have another aspect of commercialization that must be continually addressed on a corporate level.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Control of IP on Business Side of Corporation

There's a key point in this IAM magazine article by Joff Wild in the July 9, 2014, issue.  Note that the Chief IP Officer is not an attorney- he a business professional.  This is a significant change, a recognition that commercialization of Intellectual Property in a marketed product, a Patent Licensing Agreement with Royalties, a technology transfer or an outright patent sale is a business decision, not a legal one.  In some companies going back nearly 50 years, (AT&T, IBM, DuPont, Xerox to name a few) the decisions on IP were made by the business side.  But, for most, it has only been since the late 1980s that brought the marked change from predominantly physical assets in a corporation to intellectual assets that has prompted more and more corporations to view IP as a key revenue generator that has a place in the strategic plan.  The business development organization would be an appropriate place for decisions on IP revenue generation.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Intellectual Property is going to POT (Marijuana, that is) - Bloomberg

Marijuana, Motorola, Moroccanoil: Intellectual Property - Bloomberg:

You have to laugh about the ideas being plant patents on Marijuana. But this is serious business.

First, if you come up with a new strain of a plant, you can apply for a "Plant Patent". If the patent is issued, you can use DNA testing to determine if/when someone else is infringing on your patent. Monsanto is the king (or Redwood) of plant patents.

HOWEVER, it is not possible to patent something that is illegal. The USPTO will say "offensive to public morality" (USPTO.)

So now, you as a happy pot grower have the dilemma. You would like to get ahead of the competition. You would like to get your strain of Mary Jane out there, protected by patent, but you can't because it is an illegal product. Of course, you could move to a state where it is legal. Then presumably you would be able to legally grow it, legally sell it, and legally patent it. You would, of course, want to trademark the name, and copyright the slogan and the official description.

No wait, come out of the smoke-filled fog and clear your slow and soggy head!... Marijuana is still illegal Federally, as in the good olde US of A. That's were the USPTO lives and all patents are federal. Hmmm...

All in all, the intellectual property could be quite valuable. And Monsanto and Altria will probably leave you alone for years; the market's too small and the legal risks are too big.

Now you are wondering, prior to the allowance of IP into the pot market, how did you protect your strain. Once the buds left the dealer's hands there was no way to corner the market. Any common criminal who didn't want to smoke it today, could sow the seeds of happiness, indefinitely into the uncertain future.

I can't wait to see the patent applications over the next few years as marijuana continues it rapid path down the rabbit hole of decriminalization. An Alice in Wonderland adventure awaits.
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Monday, July 7, 2014

The Refractive Thinker Brain Teaser Game App by Dr. Cheryl Lentz — Kickstarter

The Refractive Thinker Brain Teaser Game App by Dr. Cheryl Lentz — Kickstarter

Interesting game idea. Having fun while you learn...

Or just having fun, that can be okay too!:-)

I think it would be cool to create RT Teasers for each volume of the Refractive thinker books. (maybe starting with the next one). I could see Profs using it with articles and books that students were (supposed) to read. Have a little fun with it. This isn't really a question, just a comment.

I hope this project makes the goal, 'cause I can't wait to see it.

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