Wednesday, June 25, 2014

copyrights win, kindof. Aereo gets hammered pirating broadcast content, kindof

Justices Rule Aereo Violates Broadcasters' Copyrights
Interesting ruling today. Kind of reminds you of the old NAPSTER daze when pirating muzak was king, and paying for music was passe.
This is interesting. So you can not necessarily pay someone to put up rabbit ears for you, and steam you the air broadcast shows. The commercials would still be in the live shows, right. So the only difference is that you got someone else to record it for you, and give you the playback options. The BIG winners are the cable guys, who already have a local monopoly, and only partially kept honest by the satellite duopopoly. See what CEO Chet Kanojia had to say about the ruling.
Watch as the major content providers jumped in trading today, based on this ruling.
I wonder if this move against smaller and innovative options will not stop the anti-trust rulings associated with the AT&T and DirecTV merger?
This might shift people to totally pirated options where they don't pay anything (except the price of adware and viruses).
Note that the ruling tried to  be very focused and narrow as it pertains to "cloud computing". Not knowing where the clouds might go, the judges didn't want to get too far out in front of the foggy future of innovation.
Napster got shut down from their music-sharing and went out of business, but the piracy of muzak -- as Celion will chant to you -- goes on, and on.

The opinion of the court is here: 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Printeer - a 3D printer for kids & schools by Mission Street Manufacturing — Kickstarter

Printeer - a 3D printer for kids & schools by Mission Street Manufacturing — Kickstarter:

Educational version of a 3D printer. For the change in your pocket (provided you have $600 in your pocket).

I like this quote: "We believe that kids are the most creative people on the planet."

The iPad app is used to design the 3D object and then print on the 3D printer. The printer is totally clear so you can see the whole printing process.

I love it. I want one for me. Heck with the kids... The kids can go buy themselves one.

Cool funding project on KickStarter. Already twice the $50k goal.

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Monday, June 16, 2014

WSJ. Eveything that can be invented, has been.

Economists Debate Whether Technology Will Save the World. WSJ article.
It's true. Everything that could be invented, has been. Right?
Well, there's the 11 inventions posted last week. And there is 3d printing, all the applications of nanotechnology...
I'm anxious to see what happens with the death of the computer chip, as we hit the limits of silicon... The next generation of computing should be very interesting. With that type of power at your fingertips, the nature of computing as we know it will change?


There are all the applications of sustainability, moving most of us, if not all of us, to a zero footprint world.

One thing that is interesting is the ability to actually apply the masses of knowledge that has been accumulated, but not integrated and applied over time. The best application of the best technology, as and when needed...

Possibilities are endless, literally.

Friday, June 13, 2014

BioLite BaseCamp Stove | Turn Fire into Electricity by BioLite — Kickstarter

BioLite BaseCamp Stove | Turn Fire into Electricity by BioLite — Kickstarter:

I love it. But only 62 hours to get in on the KickStarter offer. They are at twice goal with $800k+ and 3,000 backers.

Yes, it was DARK in Miami, when Hurricane Andrew came through South Miami/Homestead on August 24, 1992. Well, afterwards really. It would be weeks before most of us would get power. So bar-b-q grilling was the norm. That was not quite as much fun after a week or two without baths and without air conditioning. Little or no ice and warm drinks. Muggy and humid.

You did want to cook, obviously, but all the heat from the grill was the last thing we needed.

But a really cool cooking stove popped up in New York. A tiny stove the burned wood (or charcoal) and produced focused head for cooking. No need to cook the cook too.

This technology works wonders in countries where there is little or no electricity, and wood is often scarce, and the smoke from open cooking causes some of the world's worst health issues (probably only exceeded by water/sanitation).

You gotta see how far the technology has come. This is a BIG stove, relatively, that generates electricity (USB power) and has battery. It has an internal fan, to fan the fire so it can produce some serious heat possibilities -- especially given the ability to focus the flame.

This version comes with an LED light so you can see what's cooking at night.

As they say, this is the first version of the BaseCamp that is crowd designed. When you jump in on the crowd funding at KickStarter (BaseCamp) you will get a free carrying case.

You also get the warm-fuzzy feeling of knowing that this technology will save millions and millions of lives in energy starved countries.

All very very cool.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

11 Inventions that wil, change the future....

11 disruptive technologies that could/should change the future.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Strong Copyright Law supports journalism and more

This is a great editorial by Caroline Little (June 8, 2014) on the value of good journalism and the part that IP law plays in supporting good journalism:
TBO: news-opinion-commentary/strong-copyright-law-supports-journalism-and-informs-communities
We totally agree.
The parallel problem is with pirating, knock off, and just plain duplication. It Is hard to make money on something, when most of the copies sold are illegal sourced or counterfeit.
The additional problem, now, is that everyone has a license to write, the solo publisher and the blog journalist.
There needs to be protection for the people who do the real work and the real research.
There also needs to be accountability for everybody, those who generate content and those who perpetuate it.
Ideally, there needs to be ways to "call out" those who would borrow and steal the works of others.