Wednesday, June 25, 2014

copyrights win, kindof. Aereo gets hammered pirating broadcast content, kindof

Justices Rule Aereo Violates Broadcasters' Copyrights
Interesting ruling today. Kind of reminds you of the old NAPSTER daze when pirating muzak was king, and paying for music was passe.
This is interesting. So you can not necessarily pay someone to put up rabbit ears for you, and steam you the air broadcast shows. The commercials would still be in the live shows, right. So the only difference is that you got someone else to record it for you, and give you the playback options. The BIG winners are the cable guys, who already have a local monopoly, and only partially kept honest by the satellite duopopoly. See what CEO Chet Kanojia had to say about the ruling.
Watch as the major content providers jumped in trading today, based on this ruling.
I wonder if this move against smaller and innovative options will not stop the anti-trust rulings associated with the AT&T and DirecTV merger?
This might shift people to totally pirated options where they don't pay anything (except the price of adware and viruses).
Note that the ruling tried to  be very focused and narrow as it pertains to "cloud computing". Not knowing where the clouds might go, the judges didn't want to get too far out in front of the foggy future of innovation.
Napster got shut down from their music-sharing and went out of business, but the piracy of muzak -- as Celion will chant to you -- goes on, and on.

The opinion of the court is here: 

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