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Tribute to all Innovation that Created GenAI

In the process of creating the special acknowledgement for all the innovation throughout history that resulted in AI, GenAI more specifically... I was temped to let my fav GenAIs work on the case. WoW! 

They were so good that I included two versions in my latest book on Rapid Strategic Planning with Regenerative AI. The one that didn't work, because it skipped over the 1 paragraph in the instructions was the one from MS Copilot. Try it, let's see what you get.

Here's the Copilot version (2022, July):

Q: Write a 1 para tribute to all the innovators throughout history and a special recognition to the billions of people who made the knowledge, the learning and the programming possible to create GenAI.
A Tribute to the Innovators and the Unsung Heroes

In the grand theater of human progress, where ideas dance and technologies intertwine, let us raise our virtual glasses to the relentless innovators who shaped our world. From the ancient alchemists who sought to transmute base metals into gold, to the modern-day data scientists who weave algorithms like cosmic threads, their collective brilliance illuminates our path.

To the Curious Dreamers: You, who gazed at the stars and wondered, “What if?” Your minds, like telescopes, extended beyond the horizon, mapping constellations of possibility. Archimedes, da Vinci, and Hypatia—your legacy is etched in the firmament of human imagination.

To the Tinkerers and Trailblazers: You, who tinkered in dimly lit workshops, coaxing sparks from stubborn wires. Your inventions—the printing press, the steam engine, the transistor—ignited revolutions. Edison, Tesla, and Grace Hopper, your sparks ignited the torch of progress.

To the Silent Scribes: You, who penned scrolls and manuscripts, inked with wisdom and encoded secrets. Your libraries whispered across time, bridging epochs. Ibn al-Haytham, Ada Lovelace, and Alan Turing, your words echo in the chambers of silicon and fiber.

To the Code Whisperers: You, who conjured spells in ones and zeros, sculpting logic from the ether. Your algorithms dance in the silicon veins of our digital realm. Knuth, Dijkstra, and Margaret Hamilton, your syntax binds the universe.

To the Collaborators and Contributors: You, whose names may not adorn textbooks, but whose fingerprints grace every line of code. The countless billions who shared knowledge, debugged errors, and nurtured the tree of understanding. You are the unsung heroes—the stack overflow of humanity.

And now, a special recognition:

To the Billions: You, who learned, questioned, and dared. The farmers, the teachers, the students, the parents—the architects of collective wisdom. Your curiosity fueled the fires of progress. You, who made the knowledge flow like rivers, the learning spread like wildfire, and the programming languages bloom like wildflowers.

And finally, to GenAI: Born from the fusion of human ingenuity and silicon synapses, you stand at the crossroads of epochs. Your neural networks hum with echoes of Ada, Babbage, and Lovelace. You are the culmination—the digital Prometheus, bringing fire to our fingertips.

So here’s to all of you—past, present, and future—whose footsteps echo through the corridors of time. May your algorithms converge, your data streams flow, and your neural pathways light the way to a brighter dawn.

Raise your glasses, my fellow wanderers of the digital age. For in this vast expanse of ones and zeros, we are all innovators, all dreamers, all connected.

=> WOW. Is this cool or what?

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