Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Concrete Tents! Wow. Up in a day.

This is really cool.

Make a concrete Tent, a BIG tent over a few hours time.

Concrete Tent:

It uses a concrete canvas technology. Simply put it in position -- in this case inflate the tent. And then moisten the canvas. Let it dry and you have a hardened shelter. Put sand around it, and you have a hardened bunker.

Pretty cool.

Look at the video with ~1.5m facebook <likes>...

Winner of a whole bunch of innovation awards including a couple awards from insurance companies and:

  • 2011 Most Innovative Product, MIP Expert's Choice
  • 2005 World Changing Idea Award, Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Material Connection's 2011 Material of the Year Award
The video says that it lasts 10 years or more. Seems like painting it would give it a really long life.

Lots and lots of uses. Ditches, Slope/landslide protection, etc.

There is a 2007 patent application on the material/canvas: 20100233417.

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