Friday, July 27, 2012

Apple, Samsung, Kodak, imitation... a little more... on the patent war.

Apple, Samsung, Kodak, Imation: Intellectual Property - Businessweek:

Here you go with a huge patent war. Smartphones, iPads and more.

Apple has been trying to injoin Samsung from sales of Galaxy product line. No injunction yet, but Apple is winning so far in the USA. Kinda.

This law suit will be telling.

In the meanwhile the Apple-Samsung war is being fought across the globe. In Germany this week, Apple lost miserably and was ordered to make a public apology. That was belayed yesterday until appeals have been processed. See more about the apology and appeal here.

The smartphone war chests are Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and Google. All those players in the market that don't have to stand back and see the last gladiator(s) standing. It's gonna be ugly for most/all of the other players?

And whatever happened to all the great technology from Palm (HP)? I'm surprised the HP doesn't sell or license it. Blackberry (RIMM)?

Forget about the Olympics, the real contest is in the smartphone arena.

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  1. Obviously the perfect IP solutions are the ones that don't make the path of destruction through the court system.
    But, as the Fonz once wisely said to Richie in "Happy Days", for a threat to be effective, "at least once you need to have hit somebody".

    Let's here your comments on the Apple-Samsung case as it runs through the next couple weeks.