Monday, July 9, 2012

Strategic Business Planning Co's Books and Publications Spotlight

Strategic Business Planning Co's Books and Publications Spotlight:

Here's the Patent Primer as well.
Also check out the e-book versions of the book/booklet.

Perpetual Innovation: A Patent Primer, an Overview of Patenting Issues and Costs Estimates for a Small Entity

Paperback, 25 Pages 
Price: $10.05
Ships in 3-5 business days
This booklet is a overview of intellectual property protection in the US and globally. This is what’s missing from the books on new product development and do-it-yourself patenting. It’s not covered in the business books on product development, marketing and strategic planning. With so much depending on the intellectual property protection of inventors they must have a good understanding of the information presented here to be successful. This booklet is what everyone needs before launching into new product development and invention commercialization. It gives a quick overview of the patenting process. It addresses the timing of various patent-protection maneuvers. There is an example of costs for a small entity/investor to bring an invention to market-readiness with patent protection. This booklet is based on Appendix B of Perpetual Innovation: A Guide to Strategic Planning, Patent Commercialization and Enduring Competitive Advantage (2007) by Hall and Hinkelman.

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