Sunday, August 26, 2012

Apple-Samsung Case Muddies Future of Innovation -

Apple-Samsung Case Muddies Future of Innovation -

Oh boy, this is gonna get ugly. Especially if you are in the habit of ripping off other companies technology.

Samsung, just got smacked down hard. A $1B verdict is just the beginning. Apple will of course, try to get treble damages for "willful" infringement of Apple's technology. But the $1B is only the beginning. On September 20, the hearing (resumes) related to an injunction of the sales of Samsung's offending products.

One would assume that the new Samsung line (Galaxy) does not infringe, but that too may soon become subject to tighter scrutiny.

Faced with injunctions or licensing Apples technology, that is the issue that will be confronting players in the market, including Google.

The war chests of patents are: Apple; Samsung (kinda); Google (now with Motorola wireless that they seem to have bought primarily for the patent portfolio); and Microsoft (now with a boat load -- $1B worth actually -- of patents from AOL).

Who else is there. RIMM? Palm's technology that went to HP is dwindling fast.

Of course, Samsung is appealing. But it's outlook is not, well, appealing. And this loss in the US, is going to seriously shape the face of the screen in there rest of the world.

Samsung is down 7% in Asian trading on Monday Aug. 27, 2012. Expect Apple to open up big on Hurricane Isaac Monday.

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