Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cree News: Cree and SemiLEDs End Patent Litigation

Cree News: Cree and SemiLEDs End Patent Litigation:

It looks like Cree has won this round. The settlement says that SemiLEDs won't sell in the USA and will pay a one-time infringement settlement. Infringement suit and counter suit are all settled.

This stops the infringed LED imports into the USA. It is unclear how this related to trade around the world.

One would expect Cree to jump a bit in trade, up 6-8% over a couple days. SemiLEDs (Symbol: LEDS) really jumped, up 8% today and about the same the previous day(s), but it is really erratic. Semi is only an $83m company vs. $3B market cap for Cree. Just a little bit different in size.

So, it seems that both company's are happy to have this legal wrangling settled and move on with their businesses.

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  1. Cree, Up 3% for the day, down 4% in after hours trading? Let's see what the market looks like later in the week.