Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Why Won't Yahoo! Let Employees Work From Home? - Businessweek

Why Won't Yahoo! Let Employees Work From Home? - Businessweek:

Boy Mayer is gonna cause a lot of shake here with the everyone-has-to-travel-to-work policy.

Apparently (Today Show) she now as a nursery set up next door to her office for her new convenience. That helps new parents, maybe, but not the ones with kids in school or those people who live a longer way from the office.

But Mayer is shaking it up.

There has long been the debate about the down side of work-at-home (WAH). And a tech leader like Yahoo  might just be a place to face-to-face interaction that is lost from WAH.

But, I fear that making everyone drive to work is a major setback to telecommuting efforts that are so very beneficial to the efforts of sustainability.

Studies show that the true costs of telecommuting are far closer to $40,000 per year than to the $5,000 cost of gas. Most of that savings goes to the employer. Closer to $45,000 if you want to include the less-tangible costs of externalities such as infrastructure and greenhouse gases (GHGs).

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