Thursday, February 21, 2013

IBM and China. #1 in the world of Patents

IBM is again the patent king with the most patents issued. Now just under 6,500 issued in a single year. That's issued, not applications.


•Celebrated 101 years since its first patent
•In 2012 was its 20th year as most US patents
•In 2012 received 6,478 patents! (not applications!)
•Spent $6B on R&D  … roughly $1m per patent.
•IBM makes $1B+ per year on IP sales/licensing!
=> That is almost pure profit$!

This is a fun article about the big patent companies and IBM's Watson system beating out the best and the brightest on the show Jeopardy

In the meanwhile, China has moved up to the busiest patent office in the world! It was only a couple years ago that they were 5th and not long prior to that they they were not a signatory on IP treaties!..

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