Saturday, February 23, 2013

Top 15 drug patent losses for 2013 - ... And Viagra...

Top 15 drug patent losses for 2013 - FiercePharma:

In the usual search of the BIG patents that are about to drop off the cliff, it is always fun to see what comes up.

This is a great assessment of the 2013 Patent Cliff.

Wanna see what's in store for the the next 4-5 years check out this report and forecast for pharma patents through 2018 by EvaluatePharma:

Just reviewing the past couple years you will see Plavix and Lipitor going off patent with more than $5B in annual sales. Wow. Look at this from 2011: The 10 Biggest-Selling Drugs That Are About to Lose Their Patent - DailyFinance: "Plavix"

But I got tripped up in the Viagra and its patent status. Check out this article from the BBC:

Pfizer lost its Viagra patent in Canada. The Supreme court there was unforgiving in the approach that was taken in the patent to mention everything including the kitchen sink, not primarily focus on the only active ingredient  The court thought that this was a poor attempt at "gaming" the patent process and seemed rather less than entertained. Ouch!.

In Canada the patent was due to expire in 2014 anyway.  Seems that the main patent in the US will go public domain in 2018.

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