Saturday, April 19, 2014

These Aren’t The Patent Trolls You’re Looking For | TechCrunch

These Aren’t The Patent Trolls You’re Looking For | TechCrunch:

Wow this is a great analysis/discussion of Patent Trolls.

This is a great discussion of the companies that exercise their IP rights and ways in which they do so. IBM invents a lot (patents) but doesn't directly utilize most of their inventions directly. Plus, even if they do, they often have peripheral uses of the technology where licensing out is a great way to commercialize.

As we often tell clients, you can license key technologies -- especially exclusive licensing for your product -- to control the market.  You don't actually have to invent it.

Kravets does not necessarily propose mechanisms to address "ethical" commercialization from the "unethical" patent trolls.

Maybe that is his next article?

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