Friday, April 4, 2014

PWC, What you get when there's too much Booz in the baby naming process.

I fear that PWC was boozing it up a little too much when the rebranded their subsidiary to be now called: "Strategy &".  And what, you ask?

Booz & Co is a buyout subsidiary of Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC), the large accounting/consulting firm. It seems only right that the division with the boozy name should be revamped as something else, Right? But, in a drunken stupor, they couldn't really come up with what the division will do.

Actually this kind of a trick appears like an emerging pattern for PWC when they have an asset (division) that they are planning to sell or spin off. In this case the buyer of Booz & Co and determine what the "and" is themselves.

If they were going to use some strange code name for the spin-off target, they could have used something like April First, or Monday. Oops, no can't use Monday, already did that.

Check out the story here: 
Or here: WSJ article

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