Monday, June 29, 2015

Revenue Per Patent A Longstanding Question of Value for Many

In the world of IP, there is a list of questions that never seem to be answered to the satisfaction of all particularly when there is generational change in who is running the corporation.  Foremost among the questions is what is the revenue per patent and is it worth the time, energy and resources that must be applied not only for a patent but protect in the marketplace from infringement that may result in costly litigation.  IAM presents 20 corporations with extensive patent portfolios and the revenues per patent at  Among the points worth noting is that Apple has the least number of patents among the 20, but blows all away in the revenue it realizes for each patent.

All of those listed make sizable revenues.  It is clear that the effort to patent from beginning to end is of demonstrable value to the corporation.


  1. WoW, Apple is at almost $17m per patent, more than twice the next in the list. IBM is only about $2B.
    Look at the number of US patents for Samsung vs. IBM; that doesn't seem right since IBM has been leading in patents in the USA for 25 years?

  2. We have another comment to make however. $2m per patent, but that is for up to 20 years per patent. !!!
    This requires a little more thought!...