Monday, March 16, 2015

Rise of the Rest - Entrepreneur Tour. 5 Cities at a time.

World Stock Markets:

Steve Case from AOL fame is one of the judges going round hitting up start-up business ideas, 5 cities at a time. The south of USA is next.

Revolution, Google for Entrepreneurs, and UP Global

This UP Global initiative is an interesting approach by Google ventures and others to identify and fund new venture ideas.

A very cool approach to jump starting innovation anywhere and everywhere around the world. That the winner gets a boat-load of money and and a blast of publicity is a rather nice perk to the whole process.

See Google Ventures here:

See Case Foundation here:

I Like the title of an article on the Case Foundation web site: "Running business as if the future matters."

Steve's come some distance since the time when the guppy-eat-the-whale daze of the DotCom error when AOL bought out TimeWarner. This buy-out-merger resulted in one of the greatest indigestion from over-eating of all time.

Read about this Maalox moment in a 2005 book: "The failure of the AOL-Time Warner merger is the subject of a book by Nina Munk entitled Fools Rush In: Steve Case, Jerry Levin, and the Unmaking of AOL Time Warner(2005)." (Steve Case, 2015, Life and Career, para. 10).

Steve has had a very impressive log of ventures and philanthropic organizations since the AOL days.


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