Saturday, March 1, 2014

Florida Business Incubation Association: Florida Incubators

Florida Business Incubation Association:

Business incubators are so very cool. Generally they bring together all the components a business will need to get started or to expand. This usually includes funding sources. But as important are the key services that every organization needs. Business advice (often tied in to the SBA's Small Business Development Centers -- SBDC)... Accounting, IT, Intellectual Property protection (patents, TM, C,...), secretarial services, etc. Lots of marking help are critical, web site, search engine optimization and more...  See the SBDC for Florida.

Frequently incubators are tied in to the science departments of universities so the inventions of the academic world can be transported into the business world.

An entrepreneur (or two) can't do everything within the startup business. The incubator helps coach them into giving up some of the jobs at the company so that they can focus on one (or two).

Often there are reduced costs for incubatees who are accepted into an incubator...

There always is a graduation process for the incubatee as he/she grows up to be an adult company!:-)

Incubators often have internal and external networks to help engage veterans and peers in their efforts.

Here's the place to go for Business Incubator info -- National Business Incubator Association:
* Find your incubator here based on region and or type of incubator.

Check out the incubators in your area:
* Florida ... or Florida Business Incubator Association...
* Georgia
* California

Business incubators are some times called accelerators, since they accelerate the process of a business moving forward.

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