Friday, January 17, 2014

Secrecy cloaks patents on inventions in Canada: NSA for IP

Secrecy cloaks patents on inventions hidden far from public eye by Industry Canada:

So in Canada you can have your patent applications totally shielded from all view/publication. And, we presume, against your will and better judgement. But only for National Security.

One would assume, that you will have lots of problems, then, if you were to consider bringing it to market commercially (non-military).

And, here in the US of A, we are grappling with how best to spy on our citizens. (President Obama's news conference today. See here on News conference.

Patent applications are the agreement between government and inventor to arrange and organized disclosure of inventions and grant monopoly power over that invention for up to 20 years. US patent law &

Public disclosure is a key word here.

This is kind of interesting: secret patents. Canada must be taking its lead from the NSA!:-(

Don't you love it.?!

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